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Adam Riley

Trials Fusion Complete


Like previous games in the series, Trials Fusion presents an arcade take on the real-life sport of observed trials. The player controls a rider on a physics-based motorcycle from the start of the level to the end while navigating a number of obstacles. The game uses 3D graphics, but is played on a 2D plane, so the rider can only move forwards and backwards. The player controls how the rider shifts their weight forward and backward in order to perform wheelies and stoppies as well as flips while in the air and controlling how the bike lands. Trials Fusion, like the other games in the series, is known for, among other things, its notorious difficulty, particularly towards the end of the game. Unlike in previous Trials games, players can also perform freestyle motorcross stunts while in the air by moving the right analog stick.[5] Also new to the Trials series is the ability to choose a quad bike for a handful of levels: the 'TKO Panda'. Other vehicles included are motorbikes 'Baggie', 'Roach', 'Pit Viper', and 'Foxbat', minibike 'Donkey', the cat in the 'Unicorn MK II' and BMX bike, 'Rabbit'.[6]

How do you make a sequel to Trials Evolution? The most recent 2D trials biking game from RedLynx, Evolution had everything: spectacular level design, crowd-pleasing acrobatics, tight technical riding and endless user-generated content. It took Trials HD to what felt like its logical extreme: a potent blend of accessibility and hardcore challenge, with all the modern technical accoutrements. Trials Fusion makes a few changes to that formula in search of another hit, but it does so very cautiously.

The basics obviously remain intact. You still take control of a trials biker and ride over impossible courses filled with huge pitfalls and obstacles, trying your best not to spill yourself from the saddle in violent and comical ways, using a flawless instant-restart button to have a thousand variations on 'one more go' whenever you do. The controls are as sharp as they have ever been and have you back in the zone in seconds.

Fusion's biggest change is probably the setting: after the back country locations of Evolution, RedLynx catapults you into a space-age future of gun-metal greys, dropships and neon. The artists haven't thrown the old world out completely, though, preferring to layer new elements over the usual ancient ruins, forests, deserts and ice floes to form a pleasant blend of old and new, as though you're watching The Jetsons visit Shadow of the Colossus.

Perhaps that was always likely to happen after a game as complete as Trials Evolution, and I have still spent a dozen hours enjoying everything Fusion has to offer and can't imagine anyone finding much fault with any of it. All the same, I hope that whenever RedLynx returns to the drawing board in future, it does so with more of a daredevil heart. We've had enough evolution - what Trials needs next is revolution.

I feel I need to stick up for this game after reading some of these comments. Every trials game from redlynx since the browser version has improved on the last. This game is not worse than the last one. Its not a massive improvement and the music is not great and there seems to be less levels than usual, but the controls have improved, the physics seems a bit tighter than before. As for the freestyle tricks, at first I thought it was broken too. But once you learn properly how the tricks are done, you will find it works really well. It was never meant to be an AAA graphical title which is why its so cheap. I would happily have paid 50 for it. With the DLC and user created content this game will be played a lot regardless of the small career mode. 10/10

One thing to keep you hooked are challenges, with most levels featuring three each. These challenges can be simple or difficult, just like the levels themselves, and range from finding a hidden area to getting through the entire level following a certain rule. Each challenge completed gives you XP towards your level, wh

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