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It is often said that Ethiopia has no education system, and that a hallmark of Sudan’s education system is that it doesn’t have one. And I have to agree with that assessment. In Sudan, the school system is designed in such a way that only a select number of students can go to university: those from the very best schools. Ethiopian educational mission is different. There is an entire educational system to maintain. But we don’t have a system; we have policy. This policy is mind-bendingly complicated—so complicated that even members of the political elite cannot figure it out. But let me give a short summary of the Ethiopian educational policy.

There are two types of school: private schools and state schools. There are public schools. When a child is adopted for adoption, he or she must be placed in a public school. (They don’t get to choose what kind of school they go to; and we’ll come back to this point.) But if there is not a public school available, there have to be private schools, and the school system has to make certain that because the private schools are not funded at government level, they comply with government rules. Here is an example. You may win scholarships to private schools. You may win scholarships to public schools. If you win a scholarship to a private school, you can only go to that school during the academic year of August to July. If you win a scholarship to a public school, you can go to that school for the entire year. And if you want to go on a vacation, you must first write a letter to your principal explaining where you are going, what your meeting is and how long you will be out of the school’s jurisdiction. Imagine that. Now, you can go to school, but you cannot make a phone call. You cannot talk to your friends. And you have to get home before dark. Upon arrival, you must attend a talk called “cultural awareness.” When that is over, you can go to your next school—your grade school, high school or college. Then you can go home for afternoon visits with your family. That is the Ethiopian school system. When the people are educated in this way, it is a miracle. d2c66b5586

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