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Embedded Video is a peer-reviewed multimedia journal published by the National Association of Scholars. Co-editors Richard Metzger and Caroline Coyer are seeking papers on the following topics: political science, international economic development, public policy and educational theory, popular culture, technology, copyright and intellectual property, new media, and the history of communication. Articles may be up to 30 pages and can be single- or multi-author submissions. For more information, contact Richard Metzger at

A study will be conducted to determine the effect of early exposure to an understanding of speech-sounds (phonics) on speech-language pathology students who will participate in a clinical practicum. What are the skills and knowledge of speech-language pathology students who understand the science of speech production, speech perception, hearing, and language How well do these students learn to assess speech...

Reconstruction is a method of investigation that started (according to Howe) in astronomy in the early 19th century. It was used in optics and radio, linguistics, and psychology, and is part of the approach of the sociologist George Herbert Mead, who looked at the social aspects of people's lives rather than just at their behavior. Reconstructive research seeks to discover the real world by asking objective questions and analyzing the results in terms of a blend of theory and personal experience. d2c66b5586

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