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One Piece Episode 1023

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Hyogoro was seconds away from being completely taken over by Queen's Ice Oni virus, but Chopper had already figured out the cure. Will the Strawhat Doctor be able to save those afflicted with the disease Let's talk about what happened in One Piece Episode 1023 and find out.

Last episode of One Piece deviated from the main storyline to bring fans a tribute to one of the Land of Wano's heroes, Oden. Presented by his son Momonosuke and Kaido's daughter, Yamato, this tribute narrated Oden's life since childhood.

One Piece Episode 1023 starts with Hyogoro asking his friends to take his life before he goes on a rampage caused by Queen's virus. At the same time, it is revealed that Chopper's cure worked, prompting the doctor to ask his assistants to help make more.

The episode cuts back to the Yakuza, with Hyogoro rapidly becoming an Ice Oni, but Yatappe still cannot hurt the Yakuza Boss. All the remaining Yakuza members cry because of the imminent death of their father figure, while nearby, Ohmasa is also falling victim to the virus.

One Piece Episode 1023 continues with everyone crying because of the horrible fate that befell their friends, except for Queen, who is as calm as ever. His subordinates ask him why the virus afflicts them if they have served him loyally, irritating Queen, who goes on a rampage against them.

One Piece Episode 1023 shows the confrontation between Queen and Chopper. The Animal Kingdom Pirate cannot comprehend how his virus was defeated so quickly, so Chopper explains that he created his virus to neutralize the Ice Oni.

The fight against Kaido and Big Mom continues on the roof, as Luffy tries to attack the Yonko with all of his power, with Law and Kid ready to help. One Piece Episode 1023 ends far from the fight, where the Akazaya wakes up, prepared to return to the battlefield. As soon as they try to go through the door, they are surprised by an individual that looks exactly like Oden.

After the recap episode we had last week, One Piece Episode 1023 was just what fans needed to bring them back into the fight. We had to wait two long weeks to see if Chopper would be able to save everyone afflicted by the Ice Oni, thus, it was incredible to see him accomplish this.

There won't be any new content for the rest of June, but fans can expect new episodes in July. One Piece Episode 1023 is set to drop on July 3, 2022, so viewers will have to set their schedules accordingly.

The anime will be taking a break this week, which means that we will not be getting a new episode until the week after. One Piece Episode 1023 will reportedly release on July 3, 2022. The time of airing will vary based on the regional timezone as always. Some viewers will have to get up early or stay up late if they want to watch it immediately after the release.

The best way to stream the episode legally is via Crunchyroll and Funimation. Meanwhile, Japanese viewers can watch the episode live on their local networks. They will be the first to see One Piece Episode 1023.

Fortunately, there is still hope for the alliance as Chopper has been frantically working on the antidote. One Piece Episode 1023 will definitely mark his moment in the spotlight as everybody is counting on him to find that cure.

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The One Piece series is finally taking a break after a few busy months of hard work. This weekend will see breaks for both the anime and manga of One Piece. After watching episode 1022 of the One Piece anime, fans are excited for episode 1023. Here is all you need to know about the latest episode of the anime including the new release date.

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