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NCLEX-RN Practice Questions - PROFESSIONAL NCLE...

More effective than traditional nursing classes. Every practice test is based on authentic exam questions, and you can study at your own pace. We'll shuffle the questions every time you restart a test.

NCLEX-RN Practice Questions - PROFESSIONAL NCLE...

Are you ready to take on the NCLEX-PN and become a licensed practical nurse? Test your knowledge and skills with our comprehensive NCLEX-PN practice questions! From pharmacology to health promotion and maintenance, our practice questions cover all of the essential topics found on the NCLEX-PN exam. These questions are designed to simulate the real exam and help you gauge your readiness. Plus, with detailed explanations for each answer, you can learn from your mistakes and improve your understanding of important nursing concepts. Start practicing today and increase your chances of passing the NCLEX-PN on the first try!

It further provides a wealth of practice content both in the book and online, as well as nursing professional reviews that will help you to better process the key concepts. Finally, there is also a ton of great extra online resources, including practice tests and video lessons.

The two tests are similar in some regards, but they come with key differences. The RN exam emphasizes care management and assesses registered nurses' advanced scope of practice. The PN exam includes more questions about care coordination.

Ideally, practice NCLEX-style questions should be integrated into every day of your study plan. As the best way to test your knowledge base and determine if you are ready to write, practice NCLEX questions can also help you feel more confident with the wording of the exam. As part of our 3-step NCLEX study guide, we suggest the following breakdown for practice questions:

Following this advice, you should be able to finish upwards of 1200 practice NCLEX questions in a four-week period. You should aim for a 70% or higher accuracy rate when answering these questions. If you are below that average close to your exam date, we advise pushing back your test writing time.

Students take multiple practice exams with NCLEX-style questions using ATI, our comprehensive learning resource. These virtual exams are designed to prepare learners for the NCLEX exam and get students comfortable with the test format.

Even after graduating, our students will continue to have access to the ATI learning products for 1 year. Using the ATI learning resources, students can go through NCLEX practice questions and get feedback on areas they need to improve.

Adequate prep time will help you feel confident and comfortable heading into the interview room. So make sure to review all the tips above well before your interview, practice answers to common questions, and put your best foot forward. Good luck!

Wolanska said that reviewing the content is helpful in re-establishing your base knowledge, but taking practice tests and answering test questions is what will really help you understand the test style and format. 041b061a72

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