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How To [TOP] Download The CD Of Arautos Do Rei's Song "Vale A Pena Esperar" With Playback


# Baixar Cd Arautos Do Rei Vale A Pena Esperar Playback: A Review

If you are looking for a CD that will inspire you to wait patiently for God's promises, you might want to check out Baixar Cd Arautos Do Rei Vale A Pena Esperar Playback. This is a collection of songs by the Brazilian gospel group Arautos do Rei, which means "Heralds of the King". The songs are in Portuguese, but they have English subtitles and a playback option that allows you to sing along.

The CD contains 10 tracks, each with a different theme and message. Some of the songs are based on biblical stories, such as "Daniel" and "JosÃ", while others are more personal and reflective, such as "Vale a Pena Esperar" and "Eu NÃo Sou Mais Eu". The songs are upbeat and catchy, with a blend of pop, rock, and acoustic styles. The vocals are harmonious and expressive, conveying the emotions and faith of the singers.

The CD also comes with a booklet that has the lyrics and some background information on the songs. You can learn more about the group's history, mission, and vision, as well as their testimonies and experiences. The booklet also has some questions and activities that you can use for personal or group study.

Baixar Cd Arautos Do Rei Vale A Pena Esperar Playback is a CD that will encourage you to trust in God's timing and plan for your life. It will remind you that God is faithful and that He has a purpose for everything. It will also help you to worship Him with joy and gratitude. If you want to download this CD, you can visit the official website of Arautos do Rei or look for it on online platforms such as Spotify or YouTube.



One of the highlights of the CD is the title track "Vale a Pena Esperar", which means "It's Worth Waiting". This song is based on the story of Abraham and Sarah, who waited for a long time to have a son. The song tells how God fulfilled His promise to them and gave them Isaac, even when they were old and barren. The chorus says:

"Vale a pena esperar

O que Deus prometeu

Ele nÃo vai falhar

Ele à fiel e verdadeiro

Vale a pena confiar

No Seu amor e poder

Ele vai realizar

O sonho que Ele te deu"

"It's worth waiting

What God promised

He will not fail

He is faithful and true

It's worth trusting

In His love and power

He will accomplish

The dream that He gave you"

This song is a powerful reminder that God knows what is best for us and that He will never let us down. It also challenges us to wait patiently and obediently for His will, without trying to take matters into our own hands. It assures us that God has a plan for our lives and that He will make everything beautiful in His time.

Another song that stands out is "Eu NÃo Sou Mais Eu", which means "I'm Not Me Anymore". This song is a personal testimony of how God changed the life of one of the singers, Fernando Iglesias. He shares how he was once lost in sin and addiction, but God rescued him and gave him a new identity in Christ. The chorus says:

"Eu nÃo sou mais eu

Quem vive em mim à Cristo

Ele me transformou

Me fez um novo ser

Eu nÃo sou mais eu

Sou filho de Deus

Ele me perdoou

Me deu uma nova chance"

"I'm not me anymore

Who lives in me is Christ

He transformed me

He made me a new being

I'm not me anymore

I'm a child of God

He forgave me

He gave me a new chance"

This song is a testimony of God's grace and mercy, and how He can change anyone who surrenders to Him. It also inspires us to live for Him and to share His love with others. It shows us that we are not defined by our past mistakes, but by our present relationship with Him.


How to Download the CD of Arautos do Rei's Song "Vale a Pena Esperar" with Playback

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