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The first Marathi dictionary was written by Shivguru Rajeshwar in 1857, which contained 1,400 words, a few of which were used in that era to communicate with people. Shivaguru Rajeshwar also translated the Bible into Marathi and wrote a translation of it. He was succeeded in this task by Chintamanrao Joshi, who provided a translation of the Bible into Marathi between 1887-1894. The first comprehensive Marathi dictionary was written by Gangadhar Kulkarni in 1907, which contained one hundred and fifty thousand words and was a mixture of Marathi, Kannada, Sanskrit, English and Hindi words. Till the initial days of the Empire of India, the Marathi language was the official language in the Indian provinces of British India. Marathi was used for important administrative and judicial purposes by the British. Since the independence of India, the Marathi language is slowly losing its importance as an official language.[10] During the reign of the Indian National Congress, Mahatma Gandhi used the Marathi language for his speeches. Training programmes for school teachers, broadcasting programmes, and even religious discourses were done in Marathi. The language was the official language of the Bombay Presidency from 1848 to 1960, and it was one of the official languages officially adopted in 1937.[11] However, despite being an official language of part of the country for over a century, the Marathi language was not considered a literary language. During the later decades of British rule, the Marathi language also gained the vocabulary used in popular music, magazines and advertisements, among others. The language is now considered a national language of India. The Marathi language spread to the neighbouring states of South India through different waves of immigration.[12] In 1937, the Government of Bihar (now a part of India) issued it first Marathi dictionary.[13] It spread to the neighbouring state of Madhya Pradesh in the 1960s, which was a part of the Bombay Presidency at the time.[14] d2c66b5586

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