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Torque Spec For Flywheel Bolts On Isx Cummins Pdf

Torque Spec for Flywheel Bolts on ISX Cummins

The flywheel is a large metal disc that connects the engine to the transmission. It helps to smooth out the power delivery and reduce vibrations. The flywheel bolts are the fasteners that secure the flywheel to the crankshaft. They need to be tightened to a specific torque value to ensure proper alignment and prevent loosening or breaking.

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The torque spec for flywheel bolts on ISX Cummins engines depends on the model and year of the engine. The following table summarizes the torque values for different ISX Cummins engines, according to the official service manuals. The torque values are given in Newton-meters (Nm) and foot-pounds (ft-lb).

Engine Model

Engine Year

Torque Value (Nm)

Torque Value (ft-lb)

ISX15 CM2250 SN




X15 CM2450 X124B/X134B












ISX CM570/870/871/2250/2350/570 Plus/870 Plus/871 Plus/2250 Plus/2350 Plus

All Years



To torque the flywheel bolts on ISX Cummins engines, follow these steps:

  • Clean the flywheel and crankshaft mating surfaces with a solvent and a lint-free cloth.

  • Apply a thin coat of engine oil to the threads and under the heads of the flywheel bolts.

  • Install the flywheel on the crankshaft flange, making sure the alignment marks are aligned.

  • Tighten the flywheel bolts in two steps using the sequence shown in Figure 1.

  • In the first step, tighten the bolts to half of the specified torque value.

  • In the second step, tighten the bolts to the full specified torque value.

  • Use a torque wrench to measure and verify the torque of each bolt.

Figure 1: Flywheel bolt tightening sequence

Note: If you are performing a safety campaign to retorque the flywheel capscrews on certain ISX15 CM2250 SN and X15 CM2450 X124B/X134B units, please refer to the official document for more details and instructions.

This article has provided you with the torque spec for flywheel bolts on ISX Cummins engines, as well as the steps to torque them correctly. For more information on ISX Cummins engines, please visit [QuickServe Online], where you can access your owner's manual, parts catalog, engine dataplate information, and more.

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