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Samp Account Hack Password 2013 21: How to Exploit a Server-Cfg Vulnerability

In this tutorial, we'll look at how we can crack the password on the system admin (sa) account on the database, install a meterpreter payload through calling the stored procedure xp_cmdshell, and wreak havoc on their system.

Samp Account Hack Password 2013 21

BackTrack has a wordlist specially built for MS SQL password hacking with over 57,000 commonly used SQL passwords at /pentest/exploits/fasttrack/bin/wordlist.txt. In this case, our target is at, and we will set our THREADS to 20.

As you can see, after testing over 57,000 passwords (it takes a few minutes, so be patient), it found the password on our sa account of "NullByte". Success! Now we have full sysadmin privileges on the database that we can hopefully convert to full system sysadmin privileges.

As part of my series on hacking Wi-Fi, I want to demonstrate another excellent piece of hacking software for cracking WPA2-PSK passwords. In my last post, we cracked WPA2 using aircrack-ng. In this tutorial, we'll use a piece of software developed by wireless security researcher Joshua Wright called cowpatty (often stylized as coWPAtty). This app simplifies and speeds up the dictionary/hybrid attack against WPA2 passwords, so let's get to it! Tika from indonesia. I have problem with mw own facebook. i have already in active my account for few months, but now when i wants to active it right now i can open it. And the problem is i forgot my email n password for my facebook account. So please can you send my email n my password to my private email in ?

I have been on Facebook for years but I have had a stroke and forgotten my user name, I do use my password which gets me in but I am unable to update my Facebook account and it is out of late by more than 24 months according to your software! How can I change my User ID?I tried to look in your help setting and it says I can secure and change it with my password but so far no luck! If you can help me with this problem I would certainly appreciate this. Thanking you in advance for your prompt reply!

Within the last 24 hours we have received notification that someone has hacked and deleted all of our personal band accounts including Facebook. We are trying to resolve this issue immediately. What actions need to be taken to retrieve our page??

moved from bc to ns, my email is disabled and now i have a new one, i changed my password over 2 weeks ago and it wont accept the new password, i am now locked out of the account, tried everything on the help page, it wont work!give me back my account!

My wife has facebook account and wa used it to contact with friends in long time ago, we posted a lot of picture on it but unlucky on yesterday 21.08.2012 my wife account is hacked by someone, he changed password so we coundnt access my wife account. It is to terrible! I had endeavoured to reset our password but unlucky, my wife yahoo accout is hacked 2 month ago ( yahoo email and facebook account is the same ). Now i realy want to re-take our accout to avoid someone use it to post bad things on internet, cheat my friends and bad effect to my life as some thing which was happend with my yahoo account when it was hacked. I still remember my wife facebook account and old password before hacked. I realse this comment wish facebook company can help us. Pls contact with my email to know more detail.Thanks and best regardsDongLD

somebody was trying to access my account yesterday morning here is the posted data, can you please help me identify the IP address or the computer that person who is trying to hack my account is using?

(Suspicious activity has been detected on your Facebook account and it has been temporarily suspended as a security precaution. It is likely that your account was compromised as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like Facebook. This type of attack is known as phishing.)sending lots of massages and my account was block,

Hey team this is Asha i cant recover my facebook account since 10 days i think somebody is hacked my account n they have added secondry e-mail address n two different phone numbers those r not mine so mails r going to that e-mail id n those phone number. Please help me to retrive my account contact me through address or 8867253380

my facebook id another parson change password and facebook account disebal i am not login my face book account please help sent warificasion my gmail id please help and my account enabl help

hi.My fb a/c got hacked and i changed my password,but still m unable to open my a/c, it says to secure ur a/c log in from browser which u used before, i tried but still not able to open it, says to provide id.I just dnt knw wat to do.plz help me.i will be much thankful to u.

Suddenly, of late, I am unable to access my Facebook account. I need your assistance. I find there is another person by the name of Pappu Sahani of Anandapu, India is using my email id. Even after changing my password I am still not able to access my Facebook.

someone hack my account and change password i no longer have gmail and it been hack to . So please close my account and i uploaded my photo they misusing my photo please save me this is my humble request.Give me facebook helpline number.

i am really starting to get pisssed off with facebook now this is my 4th times getting a 30 day ban from adding ppl and sending mail to anyone outside my friends list, i am adding friends or people for the FACEBOOK games to get neibours and stuff how i can get neibours is you keep blocking me like gee i want u to unblock me i have did nothing wrong, and when my account gets hacked facebook still gives me the stupid 30 day block of of hackers like geez GIVE UP

I also have a facebook accountsafety since he entered the recognition of those pictures I could not get him, I asked for password recovery but did not help because it gives me those photos to recognize them and I can not recognize them because everyone gave me access asked and do not know those peopleHow do to get back on their back?whom I address? what to do to be able jump over those photos from the beginning?

Hello,I have been absent from FB for a least a month. I have not ask anyone to become friends for many months.Today I had a little time and went to my FB ACCOUNT. I had to have to change my password and I was once again blocked for now 1 month. Because I have barely time to go on FB, right now, I wonder what I did wrong! Still a is the third time that I am blocked while being absent for weeks from FB. I have tried to contact FB. Someone on the other line told me that I had to paid $100 to remove the block. (this was 3 months ago.) I would like to speak with a human been from FB that I would like to understand what I did wrong while gone from FB. I do not believe someone hacked my page.. Can someone explained to me what happened? Thank you.

My Facebook account was temporarily suspended due to suspicious activity.I tried to reset my password but when I got to the security question. I could not answer it as I forgot it. Every attempt I tried I got kicked out. I kept getting emails to change my password. But I got as far as the security question and bingo I get kicked out again. The account must be ok as I keep getting emails to change my password. How. Can I get the suspension lifted. I am getting numerous post notifications and I cannot respond. VERY FRUSTRATING

Hi can u help i am currently signed into my fb app however i am trying to sign in on safari and it keeps saying i am using an old password however i dont remember changing it and its saying i am answering the security question wrong aswell and i dont have access to the email account i set my fb up with as it was years ago and same with the phone number.. So how am i supposed to change my password when i dont have access to these things???

FB blocked me from my acct because someone tried to hack it. I changed my PW. It then did the security codes of identifying pics of my friends. However, some of the pics I had to skip because I had no clue who they were (obviously not friends). I guess I didnt identify enough of the pics. Why cant they just have me answer security questions that were submitted when I first opened my account rather than having to ID photos?

My account has been hacked three days in a row have changed my password and some idiot is still hacking into not only my account but several of my facebook friends accounts as well. This is not fun at all.

I was logged out of my account i try to change my password which i did a few times but when i was trying to sign in i couldnt somehow the new password didnt work and i was supposed to id some people and the people u put I have never seen before if they in my page i didnt pay attention so i fail the test so they keep sending me this codes which they dont work so what can i do to go back to my account without id this people i dont know or codes that dont work so I need help

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