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How to Install and License Element 3D Plugin for After Effects

Element 3D is a powerful plugin for Adobe After Effects that allows you to create and animate 3D objects and particles. In this article, we will show you how to install and license Element 3D on your computer.

Installation Steps

  • Download the PC or Mac Element installer from the Video Copilot website.

  • Unzip the file and double click to start the installation process.

  • Choose which versions of After Effects you would like to install to, and optionally select a custom directory.

  • Click next and wait for the installation to finish.

Licensing Steps

You can license Element 3D either automatically or manually. Here are the steps for both methods:


Automatic License Installation

  • Open After Effects, create a new composition with a new solid.

  • Add the Element effect to the solid from the Effect tab.

  • Click on the Scene Interface, a Generate License window will pop-up.

  • Enter your Video Copilot Store login information and it will generate your license for you right there.

Manual License Installation

  • Click on Request File, this will generate a License Request file. Save your file to a location.

  • Go to your Video Copilot Store account download section and click on the Element download page.

  • Near the bottom right of the page, click browse under the Manual License Generator section to select the License Request File you saved. Click Generate License and it will prompt you to save the License File.

  • Go back to After Effects and in the Element License window under step 3 click Install License File. Select the License File you downloaded from the store.

Element 3D Features

Element 3D is not just a simple plugin to add 3D objects to your projects. It also has many advanced features that make it a powerful tool for motion design and visual effects. Here are some of the features that Element 3D offers:

  • Motion blur and depth of field: Element 3D allows you to apply realistic motion blur and depth of field effects to your 3D objects, using the native After Effects camera and settings. You can also control the amount and quality of these effects with various parameters.

  • Lighting and shadows: Element 3D supports After Effects lights, so you can easily relight your scene or animate your lights. You can also enable dynamic shadows and ambient occlusion for more realism and depth.

  • Particle replication: Element 3D can replicate 3D objects as particles, creating stunning animations and effects. You can use custom shapes, text layers, masks or paths as particle sources, and control the distribution, size, rotation, opacity and color of the particles.

  • Animation engine: Element 3D has a built-in animation engine that lets you animate your 3D objects using keyframes, expressions or presets.

You can find more details and troubleshooting tips on the Video Copilot documentation page. We hope this article was helpful for you to install and license Element 3D plugin for After Effects. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

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