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Angry Birds 3: The Story Behind the Creation and Development of the Game

Angry Birds 3: Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Movie

Angry Birds is one of the most popular and successful mobile game franchises in history, with over four billion downloads and millions of fans worldwide. The game has also spawned several spin-offs, merchandise, and animated movies that have brought the colorful and quirky birds and pigs to life on the big screen. The latest installment in the movie series, Angry Birds 3, is set to hit the theaters in 2022, and here is everything you need to know about it.

angry birds 3

What is Angry Birds 3?

Angry Birds 3 is the third movie based on the hit game series, following The Angry Birds Movie (2016) and The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019). It is an animated comedy-adventure film that features the voice talents of Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Bill Hader, Peter Dinklage, and more. It is directed by Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly, who also helmed the first movie, and written by Jon Vitti, who also penned the screenplay for both movies.

The plot of Angry Birds 3

The plot of Angry Birds 3 is not yet officially revealed, but based on the previous movies and some hints from the trailers, we can expect some exciting twists and turns. In the first movie, we saw how Red, Chuck, Bomb, and their feathered friends defended their island from the invasion of the green pigs led by King Leonard. In the second movie, we saw how they teamed up with their former enemies to stop a new threat from Eagle Island, a purple bird named Zeta who wanted to turn their islands into ice. In the third movie, we might see them face another bigger challenge that will test their friendship and courage.

The cast and characters of Angry Birds 3

The cast and characters of Angry Birds 3 are mostly the same as the previous movies, with some new additions and surprises. Here are some of the main characters and their voice actors:

  • Red (Jason Sudeikis): The leader of the flock, who is brave, smart, and sometimes grumpy. He has a crush on Silver, a smart and inventive bird who joined them in the second movie.

  • Chuck (Josh Gad): Red's best friend, who is fast, energetic, and funny. He has a sister named Willow, who is also a speedster.

  • Bomb (Danny McBride): Another friend of Red, who is big, black, and explosive. He has a calm personality but can blow up when angry or scared.

  • Matilda (Maya Rudolph): A white bird who runs an anger management class for the birds. She has a soothing voice and a peaceful attitude.

  • Leonard (Bill Hader): The king of the pigs, who used to be Red's nemesis but became his ally in the second movie. He is cunning, greedy, and charismatic.

  • Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage ): A legendary bird who lives on a mountain and is the protector of the birds. He is powerful, wise, and lazy.

  • Zeta (Leslie Jones): The main antagonist of the second movie, who is the ruler of Eagle Island. She is cold, bitter, and vengeful. She has a son named Glenn, who is sweet and friendly.

  • Silver (Rachel Bloom): A new character introduced in the second movie, who is Chuck's sister and Red's love interest. She is a genius engineer who can invent amazing gadgets and machines.

  • Garry (Sterling K. Brown): Another new character introduced in the second movie, who is a purple bird and a tech expert. He works for Zeta and helps her with her evil plans.

  • Debbie (Tiffany Haddish): A third new character introduced in the second movie, who is a pink pig and Leonard's assistant. She is loyal, sassy, and hilarious.

Some of the new characters that might appear in the third movie are:

  • Hal (Anthony Padilla): A green boomerang bird who can fly back to his original position after being launched. He is one of the original characters from the game series who has not appeared in the movies yet.

  • Bubbles (Ian Hecox): An orange balloon bird who can inflate himself to a huge size and cause massive damage. He is another original character from the game series who has not appeared in the movies yet.

  • Stella (Dove Cameron): A pink bird who can create bubbles that trap objects and enemies. She is the leader of a group of female birds who have their own spin-off game and series.

  • Poppy (Awkwafina): A yellow bird who can create powerful shockwaves by spinning around. She is one of Stella's friends and a member of her flock.

  • Luca (Aiden McGraw): A blue bird who can scream loudly and shatter glass. He is another one of Stella's friends and a member of her flock.

The release date and trailer of Angry Birds 3

The release date of Angry Birds 3 is not yet confirmed, but it is expected to be sometime in 2022. The movie was originally planned to be released in 2021, but it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other production issues. The movie is still in development and no official trailer has been released yet. However, some teaser trailers and posters have been leaked online, showing some glimpses of the new characters and scenes from the movie.

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What are the features of Angry Birds 3?

Angry Birds 3 is not only a movie, but also a game that will be released along with the movie. The game will be available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and other platforms. The game will be based on the movie's story and characters, but it will also have some unique features that will make it different from the previous games in the series.

The gameplay of Angry Birds 3

How to play Angry Birds 3

The gameplay of Angry Birds 3 is similar to the previous games in the series, but with some new twists and improvements. The basic idea is to use a slingshot to launch different types of birds at structures made of various materials that house pigs or other enemies. The goal is to destroy all the enemies and collect stars, coins, and other items along the way. The game has different levels that vary in difficulty, theme, and layout. Some levels have special objectives or challenges that require specific strategies or skills to complete.

What are the new birds and powers in Angry Birds 3

The game features all the birds from the previous games, as well as some new ones that are introduced in the movie. Each bird has its own unique ability that can be activated by tapping on the screen after launching them. Some of the new birds and powers are:

  • Hal: He can fly back to his original position after being launched, hitting any enemies or objects along his path.

  • Bubbles: He can inflate himself to a huge size after being launched, causing massive damage to nearby enemies or structures.

  • Stella: She can create bubbles that trap objects or enemies after being launched. The bubbles can be popped by tapping on them or by hitting them with other birds or objects.

  • Poppy: She can create powerful shockwaves by spinning around after being launched. The shockwaves can destroy or move enemies or structures around her.

  • Luca: He can scream loudly after being launched, shattering glass or other fragile materials around him.

</ What are the challenges and rewards in Angry Birds 3

The game also has some new challenges and rewards that make it more fun and rewarding to play. Some of the challenges and rewards are:

  • Daily missions: The game offers different missions every day that require completing specific tasks or objectives. Completing the missions gives rewards such as coins, gems, power-ups, or tickets.

  • Events: The game also has special events that are based on the movie's story or themes. The events have limited-time levels that offer exclusive rewards such as costumes, characters, or items.

  • Achievements: The game has a list of achievements that track the player's progress and performance in the game. Achieving certain milestones or goals gives rewards such as coins, gems, or trophies.

Leaderboards: The game has leaderboards that rank the players based on their scores, stars,

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