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Philippine Law School Entrance Exam Reviewer Pdf 123

How to Prepare for the Philippine Law School Entrance Exam with a PDF Reviewer

If you are planning to pursue a career in law, you will need to take and pass the Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhiLSAT), which is a standardized test administered by the Legal Education Board (LEB) to measure the aptitude and skills of aspiring law students. The PhiLSAT covers four areas: communication and language proficiency, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and abstract reasoning. The test is usually held twice a year, in April and September, and has a passing score of 55%. To qualify for the PhiLSAT, you must be a graduate of a four-year bachelor's degree course, or its equivalent, from a recognized higher education institution in the Philippines or abroad.

Preparing for the PhiLSAT can be challenging, especially if you have limited time and resources. However, there are ways to make your review more effective and efficient. One of them is to use a PDF reviewer that contains practice questions, study guides, tips, and strategies for the PhiLSAT. A PDF reviewer is a convenient and affordable option that you can access anytime and anywhere using your computer or mobile device. You can also print it out if you prefer to study on paper.


Benefits of Using a PDF Reviewer for the PhiLSAT

There are many benefits of using a PDF reviewer for the PhiLSAT, such as:

  • You can familiarize yourself with the format, content, and difficulty level of the PhiLSAT.

  • You can practice your skills in answering different types of questions under time pressure.

  • You can identify your strengths and weaknesses in each area and focus on improving them.

  • You can learn from the detailed explanations and solutions provided for each question.

  • You can apply the tips and techniques that will help you boost your score and confidence.

How to Choose a PDF Reviewer for the PhiLSAT

Not all PDF reviewers for the PhiLSAT are created equal. Some may be more comprehensive, updated, and reliable than others. To choose a PDF reviewer that will suit your needs and preferences, you should consider the following factors:

  • The scope and coverage of the reviewer. It should cover all the topics and skills that are tested in the PhiLSAT.

  • The quality and quantity of the questions. It should contain enough questions that are similar to or higher than the actual PhiLSAT in terms of difficulty and variety.

  • The accuracy and clarity of the answers. It should provide correct answers with clear and logical explanations and solutions.

  • The relevance and currency of the reviewer. It should reflect the latest trends and changes in the PhiLSAT.

  • The credibility and reputation of the author or publisher. It should be written or endorsed by experts or professionals who have experience and knowledge in preparing for or administering the PhiLSAT.

Where to Find a PDF Reviewer for the PhiLSAT

There are many sources where you can find a PDF reviewer for the PhiLSAT, such as:

  • Online platforms that offer free or paid downloadable reviewers, such as [LAE Prepper], [UPLAE & Philsat 2-in-1 Reviewer], or [The Ultimate PhiLSAT Reviewer & UP LAE Reviewer in One].

Online bookstores that sell printed or digital copies of reviewers, such as [Amazon]( [Lazada]( or [Shopee](

Online libraries or repositories that provide access to reviewers, such as [Google Books]( [Internet Archive]( or [Scribd](

How to Use a PDF Reviewer for the PhiLSAT

Using a PDF reviewer for the PhiLSAT is not enough to guarantee your success. You also need to use it properly and effectively. Here are some tips on how to use a PDF reviewer for the PhiLSAT:

  • Make a study plan and schedule. Set your goals, priorities, and deadlines for your review. Allocate enough time and energy for each area and topic.

  • Follow the instructions and guidelines of the reviewer. Read and understand the directions, rules, and scoring system of the PhiLSAT.

  • Answer the questions honestly and carefully. Do not cheat or guess. Use the process of elimination, logic, and common sense to arrive at the best answer.

  • Check your answers and review your mistakes. Compare your answers with the answer key and explanation. Analyze why you got it wrong and how you can avoid it in the future.

  • Monitor your progress and performance. Record your scores and feedback for each practice test. Identify your areas of improvement and mastery.

  • Seek help and support. If you have doubts or questions, consult your reviewer, teacher, mentor, or peer. Join online forums or groups that discuss the PhiLSAT.


The PhiLSAT is a challenging exam that requires adequate preparation and practice. Using a PDF reviewer for the PhiLSAT can help you achieve your goal of passing the test and entering your dream law school. However, you also need to choose, find, and use the reviewer wisely and effectively. Remember that a PDF reviewer is only a tool that can guide you in your review, but it is still up to you to make the most out of it.

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