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Rockstar is not the only studio that specializes in open-world projects, and Ubisoft has made a couple of its releases available on Microsoft's subscription service. Assassin's Creed Origins is a bit too far removed from GTA 5 for a straight-up recommendation, but Watch Dogs 2 should be able to scratch that itch. Set in a gorgeously recreated version of San Francisco, Ubisoft's game revolves around a group of hackers who are trying to take down the city's surveillance system. Third-person gunplay is a fixture of Watch Dogs 2, however, the gameplay primarily revolves around the player's hacking abilities. These skills provide quite a bit of freedom in how situations can be approached.

Though the story of Batman: Arkham Knight is more linear in nature, its map layout and mission design will no doubt call to those who enjoy a classic GTA game. If anything, Arkham Knight just throws a gritty, superhero overtone into the popular open-world formula. And to make the comparison even more apt, this particular title in the Arkham series includes the Batmobile, which allows Batman to race around the streets of Gotham in a fashion that is reminiscent of cruising around in a car in GTA 5. Unlike GTA 5, the Arkham games focus on melee combat rather than ranged weapons, although Batman has far more tools at his disposal than just his fists.

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The cel-shaded shooter, "XIII" stirred things up at E3. Now, we take a closer look at this graphic novel come to life. Then we venture into the virtual world of the anime-styled sequel ".hack: Mutation." Can we expect more of the same And you've never seen a wrestling title like "Ultimate Muscle," so you'll want to tune in.

On tonight's episode, Adam and Morgan review NFL Street (Xbox), .hack Part 4 Quarantine [hack//Quarantine] (PS2) and King of Fighters 2000/2001 (PS2) preview Cy Girls (PS2) and Morgan is in Houston for the 9th Annual Game Before the Game, setting up Superbowl XXXVIII with NFL GameDay.

On tonight's episode of X-Play, we preview Lego Star Wars. Just about everyone has played with Legos at some point in their life. And a whole lot of people have taken an interest in Star Wars. Are these two building blocks going to be a good fit Will they go together like chocolate and peanut butter Sit down with X-Play as we take our first look at Lego Star Wars--and hack Lego Jar Jar into tiny Lego pieces.If Splinter Cell had been created in the era of the original PlayStation, the result would have probably looked just like the N-Gage version. This pocket-sized Cell is, unlike its GBA counterpart (and the previous N-Gage Splinter Cell), true 3D and actually quite a technically impressive outing for the oft-maligned cell phone system. As it turns out, Splinter Cell on the run is a fun and remarkably true take on the series.Pity the fool who's just now trying to get into dueling with Yu-Gi-Oh, for they have nothing but an uphill battle ahead of them. Sure, it's just a card game based on a cartoon, but that doesn't mean you won't get whooped up on by every AI-controlled player and their dog--literally. Plus, Games for Cheap People. Tun

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